Canopy FAQ’s

Canopy FAQ’s

Is it cheaper to use one of your standard package designs?

Our packages are based on what is most popular and works well. We offer a discounted price on our packages for the best value for money. We have a number of packages ready to build to suit most makes and models. We do not offer custom builds. Our packages have been designed and tested and are the result of many years of R&D and testing.

I have a tray already- what canopy package can I get?

We only build our canopy packages to suit trays. We do not design and build canopies for third party trays. For the best-finished look, ergonomics and peace of mind, a complete TradeLite deck and canopy package is best.  

Is my canopy dust proof?

Yes. All of our canopies are dust and water proof. 

Can you screw into your canopies?

Yes, our canopies are built with a box section sub frame so there is room to bolt, rivet and nut.

How does your canopy secure to your tray?

Our canopies are bolted to the tray floor using 6 x M10 bolts

How hard is it to undo the canopy to wind off?

It is 20-30mins quicker if you have electric tools (impact driver).

Can I get quick release latches to secure my canopy to the tray?

No – we only bolt our canopies down. We offer no warranty on our tray or canopies if you decide to run quick release options for the canopy.