Tray FAQ’s

Tray FAQ’s

How does the tray get mounted to cab chassis?

With our included Universal Mounting System, the powder coated steel mounting bars are bolted to the chassis rails, then the decks are bolted to the mounting bars. This design allows for flex in the system, ensuring the longevity of the deck. Fully welded systems will crack and fail over time. This design has gone through countless hours of R&D in some of the harshest conditions available.


If I fit a drawer will I lose my spare tyre?

Absolutely not. Our mounting bars have adequate height to allow for the base of the drawer unit to fit over the existing spare tire mount.

The tray size measurements are they OD?

Yes and No. Side to side measurements are OD. Front to back the dimensions are from the inside face of the headboard, to the end of the deck.

What sizes are the trays?


What about my reverse camera and sensors

We will disconnect and relocate your rear view camera, generally to a location around the license plate on your stock bumper. As we don’t remove the stock bumper, your reverse sensors will remain un touched.

I see there are marks on the sheet metal where it has been folded and welded. Is this normal and can it be polished out?

It is normal for the hydraulic press to leave fold line marks on the sheet metal. Whilst have invested heavily in special tooling to prevent marking and provide a superior product- from time to time small tooling marks may be visible. It is not feasible to polish out these marks as it is both costly and loses the attractive mill finish of the raw sheet metal. Once you start polishing aluminium you need to do the whole panel and it rarely looks as good as the factory mill finish. We still build our trays and canopies by hand and there will be marks from fabrication, handling and weld penetration.  This is impossible to avoid  due to the nature of being a hand-made product.  A painted finish is offered to the main panels for those wanting a smooth and easy to maintain the look.

If i change vehicles, can i transfer the deck to it?



Definitely. The one condition is that your new truck is similar in box size. It is not recommended that you fit an 8’ deck to a short box truck as this will alter the load distribution, and the excessive cantilever will potentially compromise the decks integrity. 

Can I get the tray a custom length?

Reach out to us if you have a vehicle that requires a custom length. We don’t offer anything longer than 8’. Special orders can take between 10-20 weeks from order to delivery

What’s the height of the trays?

The drop down sides will sit at the same height as the old box sides, with the he actual deck being 10” below. Our sides drop down on a stainless steel hinge system, making loading and unloading very easy.


What happens to the style side?

If we are fitting a deck, removal of your existing box is included. We remove it as quick as possible and take no responsibility for any damages to the old deck.  Disposal and or transport home is your responsibility should you wish to keep it. We can recycle your old box for you too

What about the fuel filler?

We supply a fuel filler bracket with each deck. They are separate from the deck, and require installation. You may be required to remove a section of the tie down rail to accommodate, dependent on your vehicles fuel intake hose.

Will I be able to refuel my vehicle with a Hi-Flow Pump?

Hi-Flow pumps aren’t recommended for non-commercial vehicles. Fuel delivery from these pumps is between 80 and 130 litres a minute which exceeds most vehicles tank vent systems which can lead to fuel purging from the filler. Whilst it is possible your existing style side may allow for filling with Hi-Flow, most relocated fuel fillers will not accommodate these pumps.

Our Fuel Filler systems are designed for regular flow pumps.

Can I get a timber floor?

 No, we do not offer a timber floor. Any further customization is left to you.

Are tail lights included with the tray?

Yes, all our trays come standard with premium LED tail lights. You may need to install an LED resistor on your indicator and break light wires to address “hyper-flashing”

What water tank options do you offer?

We have a 40ltr poly water tank option for our dual cab trays and a 58ltr model for all other trays. Tapered behind the wheel water tanks have been discontinued and removed from our range. We do not offer stainless water tanks as an option. We have spent many years of development and rigorous testing on the harshest conditions to come up with these option


Where does the fuel filler go?

We have brackets for all models designed which utilizes the existing filler neck and cap. You can choose to fit a locking cap.

Do LED tail lights cause radio interference?

Most modern 4wd’s come with standard incandescent bulbs. LED tail lights, Spotlights and Light Bars may affect your vehicle as they are an aftermarket product. Not all vehicles are affected. TradeLite accepts no responsibility for this.