General FAQ’s

General FAQ’s

Can I get a custom-designed tray or canopy?

The short answer is no. We offer a fixed range of products and sizes which are carefully designed and thoroughly tested. We keep our product line specific to reduce production costs, and in turn, reduce the over all retail price.

I’m a long way away – how do you build it without my car?

We do not need the vehicle at all for the build. We have specific sizes that are designed to fit your Single rear wheel pick up truck. Our deck design, coupled with our universal mounting system ensures there will be no issues with figment of your new TradeLite flat deck. We can offer to install in Victoria on Vancouver Island, or for additional cost, we can ship to you or a freight depot nearest to you.

How does the shipping work? 

We send the tray or tray and canopy on custom-made pallets. Any trays with drawer will have a stand to protect the drawer and tank from damage. We can send to a depot or your address. Contact us to get a shipping quote.

Can I keep my original tub or tray?


You sure can. We recommend if you have the room, keep the old box. You’ll want to re-use it when you upgrade your truck and want to transfer your TradeLite deck! You can also advertise through your preferred online sales site. Second hand boxes can range in price from $500- $2000, depending on condition!