Q: Does the deck mount right to the truck frame?

A: Each Flat deck comes with a powder coated steel mounting system. The bars bolt directly to the same mounting points your old bed used, ensuring there is no change to the load distribution on your frame.


Q: How high are the sides, and can I have taller sides installed?

A: The standard sides are 10 inches off the deck surface, and the head board is 14 inches. We are happy to provide quotes for higher sides. Self customization is also welcome.


Q: Can I mount a 5th Wheel hitch to the deck?

A: Short answer, yes. We highly recommend using through bolts and nuts, and bridging the bolts with 1/4 to 1/2 inch aluminum flat plate.


Q: Do I have to pay shipping on accessories too?

A: Any accessories purchased with a deck will be shipped with the deck, at no extra cost.